About WYOmusings

WYOmusings is an online press kit for the Wyoming Office of Tourism. It is designed to announce what's new, offer story ideas and provide high resolution images and videos. As a member of the media, you may use any material provided in this blog. When downloading images from Picasa, please use proper captions and give credit when necessary. Also please provide credit to the Wyoming Office of Tourism when using video footage.

TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO FILES: right click on link and save as to your computer. Most videos are saved as MPEG4 / H.264. Other formats available upon request. Contact Mike McCrimmon, 307-286,2468 or mike.mccrimmon@visitwyo.gov.

TO DOWNLOAD IMAGE FILES: click on image and you will be directed to our Picasa account. Simply download the image. If you need an image that is not in our library, contact Lori Hogan, 307-777-2889 or lori.hogan@visitwyo.gov.