Monday, September 13, 2010

WYO Fall Favorites

A good number of Wyoming residents think of fall in terms of hunting seasons but for those not inclined toward those pursuits there are many options for outdoor exercise and unique sightseeing opportunities.

In Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks the bull elk are in their annual “rut” and are looking to establish themselves with a group of hoof-picked ladies. Leaves are changing color on the aspens and cooler air along with the start of the school year make for more breathing room.

Today we visit Grand Teton National Park with videographer Mike McCrimmon from the Wyoming Office of Tourism:

Fall Grand Teton HD

You can find all of the options for fall in Grand Teton National Park by going to: or by contacting Jackie Skaggs, 307-739-3393 or

There is still plenty of time to spend in Yellowstone before the annual shut down to prepare for winter. You can look up lodging options and packages here: or by contacting Rick Hoeninghausen, 307-344-5265 or

Wyoming’s five national forests offer great fall driving tours and we’ll be highlighting a number of them in the coming days.

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